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Small Engine, Marine and Motorcycle Shop

Mr. Mike Howington
Small Engine, Marine, and Motorcycle Repair
276-988-2529 x 1718
Harley Davidson
Course Description:
Students learn how to work on Harley Davidson engines and drive trains in a professional environment, with a knowledgeable instructor, Mike Howington. Build upon the foundations of small engine and motorcycle/ATV. Learn the basics of engine maintenance and the system operations that are required for smooth operation.
Support from Harley Davidson
Small Engine Service Technology
Course Description:
Students learn to safely maintain and repair small internal-combustion engines used on portable power equipment such as lawnmowers, string trimmers, rotary tillers, outboard engines, and other two and four cycle engines. Students diagnose and service manual starting systems, ignition systems, cooling systems, and exhaust systems.
Specific to Briggs & Stratton and Honda
Motorcycle/ATV Service Technology
Course Description:
Designed to help prepare you to work on motorcycles. Because of the similarity of their engineering, this edition also covers the service of all terrain vehicles. It is written in general terms, and thus applicable to every make and model of ATV, scooters, and motorcycle. The text, illustrations, and hands-on education summarize the most important aspects relating to the operation, construction, design, testing, maintenance, and repair of these vehicle systems and components.
Extra support from Harley Davidson
Marine Service Technology
Course Description:
In this introduction to service and repair of watercraft and marina operations, students learn marine trade skills in areas including shop and boating safety, inboard and outboard systems, carpentry, electricity, and vessel storage/handling. The course is based on the National Marine Trades Curriculum, developed by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC).
Extra support from Honda